Bamboo Mattress Topper

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Our Ecomfort Bamboo Mattress Topper can restore support and comfort to your current mattress or turn your hard mattress into a softer night’s sleep. All while slightly increasing your mattress lifespan by removing pressure and keeping it fresh and clean. 

  • Restores support and comfort to your mattress
  • Super soft fabric and cushioning material
  • Moulds to natural spine curvature
  • Cool and comfortable sleep
  • Minimal Partner disturbance
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Anti-microbial

Memory Foam

This memory foam mattress topper moulds to your body through pressure, enveloping you like a warm hug, meaning that it moulds to different peoples’ shapes and can support differing natural spine curvatures. However, the mattress topper will never sag because it returns to its original shape as soon as you leave the bed. The adaptability of the topper means it can accommodate various sleeping positions comfortably and ensure the same posture support. Memory foam also evenly distributes individual body weights and absorbs movement guaranteeing minimal partner disturbance. 

Cool Gel

The Cool Gel layer is used to keep our Ecomfort mattress topper cool and comfortable by regulating your body temperature and removing heat from your body when it gets too hot. It also keeps the foam and fabric temperature neutral, so you won’t wake up tossing and turning during hot nights. Cool gel mattress toppers can offer good night’s rest to anyone who suffers with insomnia, or menopause symptoms. 

Bamboo Fabric

To top off the mattress topper is the soft and hypoallergenic bamboo fabric. Bamboo fibres are naturally static free and anti-cling, leaving a smooth and silk-like touch, perfect for sensitive skin. Its benefits don’t stop there because bamboo material naturally wicks away moisture, helping to keep you cosy and dry throughout hot, sweaty nights and consequently is naturally anti-microbial, protecting your bedding from bacteria that can worsen allergies, lead to illnesses or smelly odours. Our bamboo mattress topper leaves you with nothing but a restful night’s sleep.